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It is a greeting. It is a movement.

It is a greeting. It is a movement.

Posted: 11-02-2012

Reflections from Kari Bergman, Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

As I strolled down Cherry Street before work, a booming “We Believe!” reached my ears across the chilly morning air. I looked across the street to see a gentleman walking towards me smiling. Out of instinct instilled by over 50 community meeting rally cries I responded with “We Become!” and we continued walking our separate ways.

I smiled all the way home thinking of the depth of meaning that this simple exchange carried. It offered encouragement and reassurance that our tireless efforts are worth it. The sweat and stress of each community gathering is making a difference. “We Believe, We Become” is more than a rally cry shouted to energize the crowd of committed parents and neighbors at each meeting. It is a greeting, a call and response. It is a bold statement that we are committed to, a part of, something greater than ourselves.

This movement is seeping into our daily interactions as well as our vital behaviors. It is greater than each of us and our limited efforts and the more we share it, exchange it, the stronger it will become. I believe, we believe and we are becoming a community that values children and their unlimited potential for success.