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Celebrating volunteers.

Posted: 01-30-2013

As a community revitalization organization, the common denominator in all of LINC’s work is people. Residents, parents, young people and every single person plays an essential part in the process of community building and restoring hope in our communities. So we held a Volunteer Appreciation Night at the LINC Development Center!

More than 100 people attended to honor more than 50 dedicated volunteers, celebrating all of the time, energy and passion that they have committed.

Between the average of two events a week and the countless more hours are spent on  planning and engaging with the community, the dedication of every volunteer’s time is greatly appreciated. From helping to mobilize the community by going door-to-door and calling people to join the movement for community revitalization to offering their time and service at community meetings, volunteers have done incredibly important work.

Volunteerism is an incredibly admirable value. We at LINC are in awe of the community and every person's hard work!

So if you're involved already, Thank You! And if you haven't had a chance yet, call us or email to LINC Up today!