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The four-year-old graduate.

The four-year-old graduate.

Posted: 08-06-2012

When East Zone Community Liaison Javonte Tubbs spoke with Steven Fowler and Latasha Cloud, they were so proud of their son Somaje Cloud that it seemed like they would burst. Somaje is a four-year-old graduate of Baby Scholars, and his parents told Javonte all about the journey. Javonte tells the story.

Four year old Somaje Cloud has Graduated! Somaje Cloud, son of Steven Fowler and Latasha Cloud, has graduated from the Baby Scholars Program held at Stepping Stones Elementary School. 

"What a beautiful experience," says proud father Steven Fowler. When asked why, Steven explained that the Baby Scholars Program gave him an opportunity to see first hand the development of his son, and to understand the signals and signs of their child blossoming.

Both parents agreed that Pal coach, Meg Becker, was a great help and pillar of support throughout the process. The excitement of achieving small goals, developing personal skills, and interacting more comfortably with people was shared with both parents and Somaje.

Steven and Latasha attended parenting classes every Thursday. While Somaje was in class, his parents were too! Steven felt empowered with his new ability to "recognize and pay more attention to his sons emotions, feelings, and needs." Steven also said that he grew more sensitive to Somaje's maturity, and "became more conscious of his actions around Somaje and his other children."

"There is a noticeable difference in Somaje's independence, expression of himself, exploration of his surroundings, and his imagination," Steven confidently added.

Upon completion of the Baby Scholars Program and Parenting Classes, Steven and Latasha were pleasantly surprised with a diploma, graduation pictures, Believe 2 Become T-shirts, and Parenting Class completion certificates.  They also received a scholarship for kindergarten at the United Methodist Community House for Somaje to attend this September.

More importantly, they received a sense of success, an understanding of the sacrifice sometimes needed to achieve your goals, and hope...Priceless!