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Learning to see life through baby's eyes.

Learning to see life through baby's eyes.

Posted: 07-13-2012

Hope Warren Plummer knows when her 8 month-old baby Jayden is done eating.

“I’ve always liked to have him finish all the food, but now I know when he’s done that ‘no means no’,” she laughs.

Hope learned how to better communicate with Jayden through I Believe I Become’s Baby Scholars program. She and Jayden started the program when he was 5 months old in the Baby Scholars 5-19 month age group. A coach came to her home once a week for two hours and helped her learn parenting strategies like reading his signals and playing and reading with him to help his brain development.

Baby Scholars is a set of educational programs in the home and in the classroom designed to give parents the tools they need to equip their children for kindergarten, and help their babies grow smarter. The program provides free educational and developmental support for children up to 5 years old, and is designed to prepare children for school so they are less likely to struggle later.

Hope says the program has made Jayden more relaxed, and even helped her understand her 9 year-old better as well. She said that even though she was learning, it was a lot of fun.

“It seems like he interacts with me more, and he’s always doing something new,” she says. “I can’t wait till he’s twenty months so I can put him in the next class.”