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Connecting for vital change.

Connecting for vital change.

Posted: 06-11-2012

“This is what we do, bring people together.”

- Darel Ross at LINC’s Business Networking event June 1

Connection is at the heart of LINC’s work and is crucial for the revitalization of communities. It can take shape in simple forms like conversations, shared experience, or even a handshake.

On Friday June 1 we hosted the Business LINC where members of the Grand Rapids Black Chamber, West Michigan Hispanic Chamber, GROW, MI-SBTDC and Local First gathered with the community to network, connect with each other and discover ways to work together to better serve and strengthen the local business community.

Urban LINC was packed and the energy was high as these groups gathered for the first time in the same space. The crowd was welcomed and encouraged by remarks from Carlos Sanchez - Executive Director of West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Pat Miles - President of Grand Rapids Black Chamber of Commerce, Dante Villarreal - Regional Director of MI-SBTDC, Tom Heinz - Program Manager for GROW, and Elissa Hillary - Executive Director of Local First. The message of each leader’s comments reinforced a gratitude for the opportunity to come together and the potential for growing and expanding the economic base of our community through partnership and collective action.

Attendees enjoyed drinks, dinner and the soft sounds of jazz during LINC Up’s First Friday Networking event that followed the meet and greet.

We strongly believe that as relationships between people and organizations are strengthened, the community as a whole is strengthened, and we look forward to being a part of the economic growth that is taking root in our communities.