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Have you heard about Community LINC?

Have you heard about Community LINC?

Posted: 04-26-2012

W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan has awarded LINC $1.8 million to launch Community LINC an effort to stabilize families and communities by helping families move out of poverty and increasing the capacity of residents to lead change.

Years of marginalization, poverty, and unemployment have created a structure of inequality and these conditions are systemically perpetuated within our neighborhoods. We believe there are direct relationships between personal asset building and future development; parentís stability and childrenís success and; quality early childhood education and school performance. When addressed in tandem, each of these relationships can positively impact family growth, creating healthier, safer and more prosperous communities.

Through Community LINC the efforts of the Believe 2 Become initiative to improve educational outcomes for children are married with the financial and asset building efforts of the LINC Opportunity Center ensuring children and families are connected to opportunities allowing them to reach their potential. Coordinating and connecting the benefits of both of these programs through Community LINC results in maximized impact and effectiveness in individual and family success.

The goal of Community Linc is to ensure that residents within historically marginalized communities have access to the appropriate services, trainings, and programs. The objectives are to move families 200% above poverty, connect parents with quality educationally based early childcare, and improve the capacity of residents to participate in community life; all while intentionally expanding social and professional networks within the neighborhoods for social change.  

This asset-based development approach is holistically meeting the needs of families while working to utilize the strength and wisdom of residents to shift the social conditions of our neighborhoods. In doing this, we are breaking the cycle of poverty, not just for families but for the entire community.

To date we have witnessed remarkable change and real results in the lives of individuals and families that are participating in opportunities through Community LINC.