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Urban LINC filled with civic engagement and enthusiasm

Urban LINC filled with civic engagement and enthusiasm

Posted: 04-26-2012

A few Friday mornings ago State Representative, and one of Urban LINCís cowork members, Brandon Dillon held a meet and greet in the cowork space. As community members gathered for a chance to speak with their local representative, the event evolved into an opportunity to share the importance and responsibility for all to become civically engaged on the local, state and national level. Political leaders and activists had a chance to raise awareness regarding ballot proposals and campaigns.

Frank Lynn, Community Organizer for Disability Advocates, shared about the importance of signing the petitions that were circling around to get various issues on the upcoming ballot. Some of campaigns included collective bargaining rights, decriminalizing marijuana and GRCCís Vote Yes mileage.

One representative highlighted the importance of reaching the "invisible" populations that are not accessing the opportunity to have their voice heard by registering to vote and 3rd Ward Commissioner, James White, shared lessons from history that have led to marginalization of populations and groups that highlight the importance of getting involved in local and national politics to affect change.

The timing and location of the meet and greet were perfect as participants from LINC's GED preparation workshop and emerging leaders in the LINC Academy for Social Transformation training were able to join in the discussion, register to vote and sign their name to support the various campaigns.

Thanks to Brandon Dillon and his team for creating the space for this engagement and activism to take place!