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Community surveys lead to inspiration and opportunity.

Community surveys lead to inspiration and opportunity.

Posted: 04-26-2012

Since 2010 LINC Natural Helpers have been canvassing the community to conduct the “Believe 2 Become Hope Zone Household Survey” In addition to gauging the progress of the Believe 2 Become initiative and its impact on community and family behaviors, the surveys provide a chance for our team to intimately connect with people and families. It opens doors for deep conversation, offering a chance for individuals, parents and neighbors to share their stories, their struggles and their passions.

One of our bilingual team members has noticed a difference in response when conducting surveys in Spanish verses English. “Surveys with Spanish speaking families tend to take a lot longer than surveys with English speakers, regardless of race.  It seems Spanish speakers are more keen to tell a story to find an answer than to just say ‘3-6 times a week.’ It is fun and it gives us as Natural Helpers the opportunity to build a relationship with the family.”

After conversing with Neighborhood Engagement staff throughout the survey, participants are very eager to learn more about the Believe 2 Become movement and get involved. “They sense the sincerity of the questions and the heart behind the movement.”

It has meant a lot to the community too. It is not just a time of asking questions and getting answers. The community surveys demonstrate that we really do want the best for individuals and families. Participants recognize that the goal is not simply to supply them with the resources, programs, and the encouragement needed to see that children are equipped to graduate, but we desire for them to get deeply involved in the success of their children, their family and their community.

Parents are responding to this invitation by joining action teams, grabbing hold of the vision of this movement. To the questions, Who is on board?  Who believes that our kids are destined for greatness and not for failure?  Who believes that there is more to life than making ends meet? They answer loudly, “We do!” They believe that through education, their children can reach positions of power and influence where they will have long forgotten about making ends meet because their focus is on using their greatest passions to meet the world’s greatest needs.