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Connecting with Roosevelt Park Loft tenants

Connecting with Roosevelt Park Loft tenants

Posted: 04-05-2012

In an effort to intertwine and interconnect community members with local resources, opportunities, and each other LINC staff gathered with Roosevelt Park Lofts tenants, the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association representatives and Community Police officers on Tuesday, April 4 to get to know each other, learn about LINC's initiatives, and discuss ways to create a safe and neighborly environment.

Residents said what they like best about Roosevelt Park Lofts is the location and proximity to their children's school, the view of Grandville Avenue, and the spacious units.

Officer Tobin and Hawkins encouraged residents to take account of their own behaviors and to take ownership of their building and neighborhood by keeping eyes on the common areas and calling 911 if needed.

Julie and Maria from the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association have a long history in and love for the community and encouraged everyone to stop by and use them as a resource. They provided a handy reference for residents with who to call for various needs.

We welcomed new residents and one lucky household won a $25 Meijer card!

More gatherings are in the works at various LINC properties to link residents to local public safety officials and community resources.