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A mighty strong woman.

A mighty strong woman.

Posted: 04-05-2012

Dont stop dreaming and keep hope, if you lose that you have nothing. 
    ~ Phyllis Farabee, LINC Opportunity Center (LOC) Participant

Let us tell you about one of the strongest people we have met. Phyllis came to LINC looking for a place to live. She was homeless, unemployed, and trying to care for her adult son who has a disability.

Phyllis' search for a home led her to learn about the resources available through the LINC Opportunity Center, I felt like the whole word was crashing down on me when I walked in [the LINC Development Center] it was like the whole building gave me a hug.  

She started working with our LOC coaches and as a result, she obtained not one but two part-time jobs, transitioned to living in a safe place for her and her son, and maintains a stable income.

A lot of what we do is inform and connect. We believe it is imperative to connect community members to opportunities which restore hope and provide the space for them to become all they were intended for.

The LINC Opportunity Center (LOC) offers a host of free services designed to connect people with benefits screening, financial planning, budgeting assistance, and employment/career development. Through strategic partnerships with local and national resources, the LOC does not focus solely on helping people find work; we help families successfully work and contribute to their larger community.

To become involved in the LINC Opportunity Center or learn more about the services it provides, check out one of the orientation sessions happening at LINC. Call Ashlee at 451-9140 or email to sign up!