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Speak up and urge Michigan legislators to invest in education!

Speak up and urge Michigan legislators to invest in education!

Posted: 03-19-2012

Michigan used to be the place that moved the world--from music, to automobiles, to great colleges and universities.  But this greatness is threatened. Last year the Michigan Legislature slashed nearly $1 BILLION from the education budget, forcing school districts to increase class sizes, eliminate programs, lay-off teachers and increase tuition. For over a decade, state funding for education has not kept up with inflation.

LINC has joined the Michigan Organizing Collaborative to call upon the State to Invest in Education and we need your voice! The collaborative has launched an online campaign to collect thousands of signatures from Michigan parents, leaders and community members telling legislators that these budget cuts are not OK and asking the state to support our children's education by restoring nearly $1 billion that were cut from the education budget last year and investing additional resources into the school classrooms. On March 1, LINC hosted the Grand Rapids press conference announcing the campaign.

Join us now in making a commitment to invest in education--helping students and holding our State Legislators accountable!