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It's all about the kids.

It's all about the kids.

Posted: 03-02-2012

On an unusually sunny evening in February the parents, neighbors and children of the Believe 2 Become West Zone gathered to continue the work of community building and action planning to ensure that all children are prepared to be successful in life by what they learn at home, in school and in the community.

As I sat among the crowd taking notes and capturing thoughts a group of kids gathered around, curious about what I was doing and eager to help.  

After practicing their photo skills and reviewing my notes, the conversation soon turned to their dreams for the future and what they enjoyed most about school. As I talked with my new friends I remembered the reason we are all here. We are here to do everything we can to make sure Jaslin is successful in becoming a graphic designer or “FBI Computer Agent girl.” We are here to make sure that all kids, like Emily and Marvin, have the opportunity to share with excitement the things they love about school. We are here to create a culture where these intimate conversations with our children are not a rare pleasure, but the norm.  

Affirming this purpose, everyone stood to their feet and in one voice recited the Believe 2 Become pledge in both English and Spanish.

We believe.

We believe everyone has unlimited potential.

We believe everyone can achieve greatness.   

We believe everyone must pursue every opportunity for success.

We become.

We become successful when we make our best choices.

We become exceptional when we empower ourselves and others.

We become extraordinary when we work together to make a better future for all.


Creemos que todos tienen  potencial ilimitado.

Creemos que todos pueden alcanzar grandeza.

Creemos que todos se merecen verdaderas oportunidades.


Seremos exitosos cuando tomamos buenas decisiones.

Seremos excepcionales cuando nos fortalecemos los unos a los otros.

Seremos extraordinarios cuando trabajamos juntos para crear un futuro mejor para todos.

The core of parents and neighbors that will carry the work of Believe 2 Become forward is gaining strength and momentum. Working in action teams they are designing short and long term strategies to reach their community goal. These projects will be implemented throughout this year. The next Believe 2 Become meeting in the West Zone is set for March 22 at César E. Chavez Elementary.

Believe 2 Become is a collaborative partnership of hundreds of organizations and individuals who believe in the unlimited potential of Grand Rapids children, and expect them to succeed. Believe 2 Become is creating real opportunities for children and youth to become the people they aspire to be.