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Even a pair of shoes.

Even a pair of shoes.

Posted: 03-02-2012

A lot of what we do is inform and connect. LINC Opportunity Center seeks to walk with individuals from where they are to where they want to be and this walk looks different for everyone. Although most begin with an introduction to all of the services we offer and assessment of the individual or familyís needs, the next steps are completely tailored to that individual. We believe it is imperative to connect community members to opportunities which restore hope and provide the space for them to become all they were intended for. Although they do not describe the entirety of our work, hopefully the following stories will help to convey the diversity and depth of opportunities within LINC.  

Just recently a current participant in the LOC took her son to the doctor and when he took his shoes off she noticed his socks were wet. She asked him why his socks were wet and he said he had holes in his shoes, but he didnít want to bother her because he knows she doesnít have much money.  At her next appointment, she asked if Alisa, LINCís financial coach, knew of any resources to provide shoes for her son. Alisa was able to identify a private donor that provided a pair of gently used athletic shoes to keep her sonís feet warm and dry.

While meeting with a family, Ashlee Cunningham, Intake/Supports Specialist, worked with them to determine what would be the best type of education savings account for their children and informed them about the penalties associated with withdrawing money from the accounts early. And in keeping with the season, she helped them develop a plan to wisely spend their tax return by prioritizing which of their current needs were most important.

Another financial success occurred during Joseís first meeting with a mother of two young children. He was reviewing her budget with her and identifying current expenses.  One of which was monthly rent-to-own fee of $200 for a mattress and box spring.  Jose shared the benefits of saving up and purchasing.  By saving $200 for 3 months, she would be able to purchase her own mattress from a local retailer versus paying the same amount for 12 months with the rent-to-own program.

In response to this new information, the participant said, ďI did not know.Ē And now wants to buy her own mattress and box spring and is planning to use the $1800 she will save to cover other bills, like auto insurance, housing or other needs as they arise.    

To become involved in the LINC Opportunity Center or learn more about the services it provides, check out one of our orientation sessions happening at LINC on March 7 & 14 from 11am-1pm. To sign up call Ashlee at 616-451-9140 or email !