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2012 Community Spirit Awards: Nominations still open and Tickets on sale!

2012 Community Spirit Awards: Nominations still open and Tickets on sale!

Posted: 02-07-2012

Tickets are on sale now for LINC's 2012 Community Spirit Awards. Make sure to save your seat!

We have also extended the deadline to February 15 to submit nominations for the CSA's so there is still time to show some love to community members, organizations and leaders that are going above and beyond every day to improve our neighborhoods.

LINC established the Community Spirit Awards in 2009, to recognize and thank community members who have tirelessly devoted their time, energy and skills to revitalizing our neighborhoods. This honor is the spirit of what LINC is all about. The awards will be handed out during the 2012 Community Spirit Award Celebration Dinner Thursday, March 29th at 5:30pm at the Goei Center in downtown Grand Rapids.

The awards described below are meant to celebrate the deserving individuals and organizations who make our community shine!

Cornerstone Award- Awarded to an organization that is a model of capacity building and demonstrates impact in a specific area.

Outstanding Collaborations Award- Awarded to highlight a creative and provocative partnership formed between a non-profit and other non-profits, foundations, business and/or governmental entities working together to create an impact not possible otherwise

Innovation Award- Awarded to an organization or program that has employed innovative strategies of their mission, developed something “brand-new”, or put a new twist on an old ideal to address community needs.

Enterprise Partner Award- Awarded to companies and businesses that engage non-profit organizations expertise, resources and/or partnerships to exemplary results.

Community Spirit Award (Youth) - Awarded to an individual 18 years of age or younger that works at making change and community impact occur.

Community Spirit Award- Awarded to an individual that uses creative thinking and goes above and beyond the call of duty towards the mission and goals of their organization.

Independent Spirit Award- Awarded to individual volunteers and community leaders that provide countless hours of selfless time and labor for the cause that they believe in.

Non-Profit Project of the year Award- Awarded to a non-profit that has completed a project within the last twelve- eighteen (12-18) months that displays a sense of community & partnerships consistent with local development efforts, demonstrating commitment to the neighborhoods and communities in which they provide services.

Visionary Award- Awarded to an individual that has demonstrated the ability to provide leadership and vision which promotes community development and has a lifelong personal/professional commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities that they live, work and worship.

Nominations may be submitted via fax to 616-451-0615 or email . (You may submit nominations for more than one individual or organization). 

For more information and to purchase tickets for the event, visit the 2012 Community Spirit Awards website or contact Erica Hooser at 616-451-9140 ext 223.