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The power of potential and opportunity.

The power of potential and opportunity.

Posted: 01-06-2012

Central to LINCís revitalization efforts is the belief that all humans are gifted with inherent potential. However, in disadvantaged communities, a lack of opportunity prevents many from achieving their full potential. By strategically aligning resources and systems, LINC is seeking to create life-changing impacts for individuals, their families and their community by increasing their access to opportunity.

LINC remains committed to connecting with other organizations and community leaders to ensure we are effectively serving our community and achieving collective impact in the areas of educational achievement, leadership development, financial stability, business creation and quality housing of choice.

Our approach to revitalization is holistic and seeks to impact where people live, what they make, what they know and who they know. In 2011 we connected with over 4,000 community members and as we begin this new year we are striving to take our revitalization efforts to scale. In 2012 we are expanding the reach of current programs and introducing new programs and partnerships that will improve access to opportunities and further strengthen the communities we serve.

In honor of the work,

Jeremy DeRoo & Darel Ross
LINC Co-Executive Directors