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Getting back on track!

Getting back on track!

Posted: 10-13-2011

Everyone has financial or career-oriented goals. The LINC Opportunity Center is uniquely designed to equip participants to meet those goals. Through employment placement and career improvement, financial education and coaching, and public benefits access, we are prepared to walk with you from where you are to where you want to be.

Since the LOC launched in June, 55 participants have received assistance with everything from credit repair to homebuyer education. Personalized financial coaching is offered in both English and Spanish and the following workshops are offered either weekly or monthly. A full schedule can be found here.

  • Credit Repair - a three-part series with a representative from Bank of America who will be teaching the in's and out's of credit and skills for repairing and maintaining good credit.
  • GED Pre-Testing
  • Hidden Rules in the Workplace - highlights rules in the workplace that may not be spoken, but are assumed. Such as: teamwork, common courtesy, attitude, respect, and various other soft skills. The workshop will provide you with a good understanding of acceptable workplace behavior.
  • Homebuyer Education - classes are designed to prepare you for the process of buying your home and are a requirement to receive assistance.
  • Job Search/Application - focuses on how to complete an application correctly. Participants will be given a sample application to complete to assist them in their job search. A step by step approach is used to enable participants to complete a sample application. This workshop will also tackle the "what's next" after an application is submitted.
  • Interviewing Skills - focuses on the do's and dont's of interviewing. Topics discussed include: appropriate dress, hygiene, body language, non verbal communication, ways to make yourself stand out, and a review of possible interview questions. Participants will also take part in mock interviews.
  • Resume/Cover Letter Preparation - focuses on how to create a resume and cover letter. Using information on their completed sample employment applications, participants will be instructed on how to write a resume. This workshop will also show participants how to use email to send their resumes and cover letters in application for jobs.

Contact Alisa White at 616.451.9140 for information on how to enroll.