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124 jobs and counting.

124 jobs and counting.

Posted: 09-09-2011

LINC is committed to the holistic revitalization of the communities we serve. A pillar of this work is economic development, for a strong neighborhood requires a strong business base. The purpose of the Economic Development Department is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our community, boost business ideas and expand the business base of our communities, thus creating viable businesses that strengthen the fabric of our neighborhoods. With assistance from our Business Incubation program, 10 local businesses have opened in the last 10 months. To ensure long-term sustainability, these businesses will receive technical assistance and training for the next three years.

LINC’s economic development efforts have led to the creation of 124 jobs in Southtown in the last five years. In the last month alone, 40 jobs have been created for previously unemployed residents of this neighborhood.

David Tette, a student and comedian, first partnered with LINC to promote the GRTV Comedy Skit, “You’ve got to be kidding me America.” The partnership proved successful, as he resumed his roles on the show. However, this was an unpaid position and he returned to LINC in search of employment opportunities. Javonte Tubbs, Southtown Community Liaison referred him to Sanchel’s, a breakfast and lunch diner located on the first floor of the LINC Development Center, where he now works as a server.

Tette sees this as an “example of older brothers helping the younger generation succeed. I’m ecstatic about this opportunity!”

More information on LINC’s Business Incubation Program or Urban LINC cowork space can be found on our website or by contacting Jorge Gonzalez, Economic Development Director.