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Neighborhood news bureau launches.

Neighborhood news bureau launches.

Posted: 08-02-2011

After months of dangling the teaser in front of you all, I am proud to say that the Southtown Neighborhood News Bureau has LAUNCHED! Participants gathered for the first training last Monday, July 25 to learn how The Rapidian can be part of residents' toolkit to share critical information about their neighborhoods. The group was eager to become more involved as we brainstormed topics of interest within the community which covered all spectrums of news media.

Jeri Wade let the group know of a startup community entertainment initiative taking place on the corner of Madison and Cherry, to counteract the often negative behavior occurring in that area.

Molly Bouwsma expressed her interest in spurring dialogue around “cultural, ethnic misunderstandings that we all see but don't really talk about.”

Patricia Peacock shed light on recent events taking place in the Park Place neighborhood, “there has been a young man out there molesting little girls so we have a lot of police on patrol now, so I would like to write about that and see how we can get more intent."

After brainstorming topics for content, the participants were exposed to various types of articles that take a clever spin on communicating a news piece. Often, content is limited to text and a few photos, but the options are really limitless. Some reporters even use cartoon depictions of events to add a bit of media flair to their stories. To experiment with various media and create a collaborative news piece as the bureau’s first project, the group interviewed and recorded each other, asking one question: What is your favorite place to hang out in Southtown?

This is the first of many articles shedding light on all of the events, discussions, and actions taking place right here in our neighborhoods. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Southtown Neighborhood News Bureau, email Kari Bergman | .