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We Believe. We Become. West zone is on its way!

We Believe. We Become. West zone is on its way!

Posted: 08-03-2011

Excitement and anticipation were thick in the air on the hot day of July 14 as parents, children, and neighbors gathered to see what “We Believe We Become,” “Creemos y Seremos” was all about. The live music, delicious food and Tres Leches cake, heightened the excitement and celebration of the work to come. During the three hour community planning meeting over 600 residents worked together to identify barriers or struggles facing their children’s educational success.

Some of the issues included: “The parents need help becoming more familiarized with the resources available for kids’ education;” “students need access to better teachers;” “tardiness and absenteeism;” “need of more parent involvement in the school system, lack of discipline in the school and at home;” and “[children] need more positive models;” among many others.

Last night several hundered community members gathered once again to narrow the issues down to three top priorities for the community. From here they will vote on one community goal, identify strategies to meet that goal and then move to collective action. Linc Up with us on facebook or visit our website to see more photos of the meetings!

These community meetings are a part of Believe 2 Become a collaborative partnership of hundreds of organizations and individuals who believe in the unlimited potential of Grand Rapids children, and expect them to succeed. Believe 2 Become is creating real opportunities for children and youth to become the people they aspire to be.