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Here's a training, there's a training.

Here's a training, there's a training.

Posted: 06-10-2011

One of LINC’s core beliefs is that capacity building and leadership development are key to holistic neighborhood revitalization.  As part of LINC’s Leadership Academy for Social Transformation there will be two dynamic trainings offered in the next few weeks.

June 16 1-3pm | We’ve Got a Map for That – is an interactive workshop with the staff of GVSU's Community Research Institute.  Participants will reflect on the importance of data in facilitating community change initiatives, and gain an introduction to powerful community information tools designed to understand, strengthen, and empower community leaders and the neighborhoods they serve.  This training will include hands on practice looking at neighborhood indicators from the 2010 Census data and engaging in discussion around the unique attributes of each Believe to Become Hope Zone.  

June 22 2pm-4:30p | Neighborhood Communications – will be delivered by Laurie Cirivello, from the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.  She will unpack the world of communications by diving into the modern communication shift, offering tips and techniques for storytelling and identifying the various media outlets available. Laurie will also present a host of communication tools and free software that will equip participants to start telling their own story!

To sign-up or get more information on either of these trainings call LaKiya 616.451.9140.