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Ready. Set. Engage!

Ready. Set. Engage!

Posted: 05-06-2011

It is an exciting time at LINC. We have numerous events and activities currently taking place and coming soon! Keep reading to discover ways you can engage and become more involved in the community.

May 25 from 10am-4pm | MI Voice will host a training for community members focused on telling your story, developing an organizational leadership plan, governance, and methods of change.

June 2 & 16 | GVSU Community Research Institute will introduce tools and resources available for problem-solving within the community using real-life examples and issues. Attendees will work through a series of case studies, identifying ways to integrate data, mapping and other community research tools to come up with a solution.

June 15 from 2pm-4:30pm | Executive Director of the Rapidian will discuss Neighborhood News/Media Relations, offering an overview of effective communications, highlighting the Southtown Neighborhood News Bureau.  Participants will gain an understanding of basic communications, the importance of connecting with the media, and becoming involved in the production of local news.

June 3 – 5 | Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts (see Festivals, Fairs & Grand Openings)

June 11 from 11am – 5pm | Rock the Block Street Jam & Fair (see Festivals, Fairs & Grand Openings)

June | Southtown Neighborhood News Bureau will be launching soon! We need writers, photographers, videographers, or anyone wanting to gain more experience in these areas while telling the story of your neighborhood! Click here for more information. 

Believe 2 Become Action Teams

The Vital Behaviors Parent Workshop will be hosted by the Parent Homework Help Action Team on Saturday August 27, 2011.  This workshop will focus on the Believe 2 Become Vital Behaviors – Attendance, Affirmation, Read, Schoolwork and Help.  There will be guest speakers who are experts on these 5 topics there to facilitate and provide information to the parents.

Become VIPS Parents that Value, Instill, Promote and Support education The Parent Advocacy Action Team will be hosting one week training sessions empowering parents to support their children’s educational success. These sessions will begin Tuesday July 12, 2011. Once a parent has completed the training they will be able to assist in future facilitation.

Family Fun Nights! The Male Involvement, Community Center, and Youth Action Teams will be collaborating to host two Family Fun Nights. The first will be held on May 27, 2011 at the Boys and Girls Club. Parents bring your children to enjoy food, music and a WII tournament. The teams will also be introducing information regarding the following exciting family activities.

  • Believe 2 Become Parent/Child Essay Contest- $500 grand prizes in each of 3 categories (elementary, middle school and high school). Elementary students will be expected to write a 250 word essay, Middle School students – 500 words and High School students – 1,000 words. Each student’s essay will be accompanied by an essay from their parent. Student subject: “My dreams” Parent Subject: “The dreams I have for my child”
  • Believe 2 Become Reading Rewards – This program is designed to stimulate summer reading and increase families’ use of local library resources. We have collaborated with the Madison Square Library to create reading lists for students in grades K-12. Students will be given the reading list and a punch card. When checking books out from the Madison Square Library, students will present a punch card to the librarians, receiving a punch for every book checked out. Each student will have 5 weeks to reach the maximum goal of 5 books read. Each book is worth $5 for a maximum earning of $25. Each student will be given a set of questions that will have to be answered for each book, 1) Who is the main character? 2) What happens in the climax of the story? 3) How was it resolved? The punch card will have to be turned in with the questionnaires and a signature from a parent. The prizes will be awarded in gift cards to Woodland Mall.

Safe Routes to School The Male Involvement Team will lead the planning process and implementation for a “Safe Routes to School” Program at Gerald R Ford Middle School. This will allow males to be involved in schools while providing safe passage to and from schools, which in turn will decrease absenteeism, bullying and unsafe incidents occurring before and after school hours.

Son to a Father Program, facilitated by Cole William will be offered to participants in the Male Involvement Action Team. This program is designed for father and child to go through together. It will address such issues as relationship building, conflict resolution and strategies that bring a father and child closer, while teaching fathers and children to bond, bringing the goal of parental involvement to life.

For information on any of these activities or to sign-up, please contact Kari @ 616.451.9140 x240 or !