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A few words from our directors.

A few words from our directors.

Posted: 04-08-2011

April 2011 marks three years since our organization went through a maturing phase that every organization must endure as its founding executive director leaves.  Couple the timing of this transition with a housing crisis that has caused one in five homes in our neighborhoods to enter foreclosure with an economic climate that has been compared to the Great Depression, and one would expect a letter from the executive directors to be highlighting survival as a major organizational accomplishment.  

But instead, thanks to the vision of a board willing to try a leadership model that exemplifies collaboration in its top positions, a staff willing to experiment and embrace change and a community willing to share their wisdom, time and passion, we are humbled to say that the story of the last three years is not one of mere survival, but an immense increase in impact.  During this time, LINC has managed to quadruple the number of residents we connect with on an annual basis, attain a six-fold increase in home ownership counseling and triple the number of single family homes we renovate and sell in a year.  LINC truly is doing some incredible things in the communities we serve.     

What I believe is most impressive about LINCís accomplishments is the fact that the growth in impacts LINC is realizing is not the result of a single grant or project but instead is the result of an intentional collective approach to community revitalization that is just beginning to realize its potential.  The sustainability of the approach is shown in the fact that the growth referenced above continues in our next year as we open a business incubator, again double the number of residents who participate in our events, again double the number of homes we produce, bring a leadership training model to scale in the neighborhood and launch an enhanced model of financial counseling that has been proven to increase assets of families. The continued success shows that working collectively to ensure that community assets are effectively LINCed with environmental opportunities is an effective approach to sustainable revitalization.

One of the joys of working collectively is that there are opportunities to celebrate collectively.  Last week, we were able to celebrate with Central Zone residents as they shared strategic plans for improving educational outcomes that they created over the past seven months.  The event was attended by over 500 people and was a great opportunity to appreciate the work that has been done and the wisdom that has been shared while being re-energized for the work that lies ahead.  By mid-May we will again have reason to celebrate as LINC moves into new offices, opens its business incubator and launches a Financial Opportunity Center.  Please keep your eyes open for an invitation to come and share in that celebration with us.

Jeremy DeRoo & Darel Ross
LINC Co-Executive Directors