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LINC Kentwood Plans | 52nd & Eastern -- 52nd & Kalamazoo

LINC Kentwood Plans | 52nd & Eastern -- 52nd & Kalamazoo

Posted: 03-08-2011

March 8, 2011

November 4, 2010 marked the first meeting for the LINC Kentwood planning process for 52nd Street at the intersections of Eastern Ave and Kalamazoo Ave.  Just four short months later, the final plans for this area have been completed!  The architects at Nederveld have composed the voices of over 130 Kentwood residents into plans that best represent the collective ideas.

The plan envisions a redevelopment effort that incorporates public space, a dynamic crescent-shaped street and a grocery store into a mixed-use walkable town center.  For more details and descriptions of each design element within the plan you can click here to see the write-up capturing the essence of the plans, goals and vision for the area. The digital copies of each intersection are shown below. These are also posted on the LINC Kentwood Facebook page.

Come celebrate the LINC Kentwood plans and the tremendous community effort at the open house tonight, 6:30 at Kentwood City Hall (4900 Breton Ave SE)!  There will be a time for comments from the community during the City Commission meeting immediately following at 7:30pm.

For questions or more information please contact Jeremy DeRoo or Darel Ross at 616-451-9140.