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Urban LINC Co-Work Space

Urban LINC Co-Work Space

Posted: 03-04-2011

As part of our economic development efforts at LINC Community Revitalization Inc. and in addition to the LINC Incubation Training Program described in the last newsletter, we will have the Urban LINC Co-Work Space.  Co-work space is a shared work environment via membership that will be available for entrepreneurs and professionals that do not require actual physical space to operate.  As more people work via a mobile phone and a laptop computer, the traditional office has become less important, and co-working is an increasingly popular alternative. Co-working members get many of the benefits of office life a community, a work environment, and meeting spaces without sacrificing the freedom of working on their own schedules.

The co-work space model will enable LINC to promote entrepreneurship in the business district without having to rent physical commercial space.  This will also eliminate much of the overhead associate with traditional business development.  The Urban LINC will also enable local talent, professionals, and corporate partners to network amongst themselves by the sharing of communal space.  Partnering new entrepreneurs with the proper resources and cost structure will enable them to make essential connections to thrive and become the future businesses of our local commercial corridors.

The LINC Development Center is slated to open in May 2011 and the Urban LINC co-work space, housed within it, will provide an environment where the average professional can conduct business, work on projects, share ideas, network, and convene meetings.  For a small membership fee, members will have access to the following amenities: lounge areas, meeting spaces for scheduling, place to have a private mobile call, conference room availability, and tools that help to make collaboration easy and accessible. Further, The Urban LINC Co-Work Space will be a state of the art center which will incorporate technology such as Skype for video conferences and Wi-Fi.  On the whole, Urban LINC seeks to promote and enhance businesses by providing a place where individuals can collaborate, innovate and build capacity.

LINC community revitalization inc. welcomes everyone to use our Urban LINC Co-Work Space.  We encourage local residents, community organizations, non-profit organizations, and local artists to contact us as we develop our culture, environment, and determination of community use of the space.