Posted: 02-03-2011

Welcome to LINC Community Revitalization, Inc!

LINC is a non-profit organization located in Grand Rapids Michigan that exist to Revitalize neighborhoods through Authentic engagement, stimulating economic development, expanding housing opportunities, creating affordable housing, and developing leadership and capacity to residents and grass-root organizations.

LINC exist to come alongside residents and connect them to opportunities and resources that already exist in our neighborhoods while attracting additional investments to help them achieve their goals. We offer programming in the areas of Economic Development, Housing Services, and Neighborhood Services. In the tradition of what the Kirwan Institute refers to as ‘People, Places, and Linkages’, LINC believes that holistic revitalization is best achieved by focusing on both people and place. That is, true change cannot be achieved through an individual focus on 1 or 2 development projects or buildings nor focusing on individual service projects or organizations. Holistic Revitalization is best achieved when all of these ‘moving parts’ are aligned with all available resources and focused on a common goal with an agreed set of measurements

LINC’s approach to revitalization through Economic Development, Housing, and Neighborhood engagement also keeps in mind the systemic issues that come along with change. Our proven Community Engagement approach co-developed with National Community Development Institute is based on meeting communities where they are and assisting them identify goals and strategies to tackle issues that they have identified as important. Whether that’s our Believe to Become work in Grand Rapids where the goal is to increase the graduation rates of students within the public school system, or LINC Kentwood where hundreds of residents spoke into the Development plans of major corridors in their city – LINC prides itself on successfully bringing the community into the processes and systems that effect them. In addition, our quarterly LINC-Up Lunch will launch in the Spring of 2011. This will be quarterly community ‘listening’ lunches where we will intentionally seek residents’ wisdom on current issues and concerns. It will also serve as a vehicle for other organizations, municipalities and businesses to get feedback directly from residents on pending policy, issues, and programs

LINC is already hard at work in your neighborhood. Some of the exciting projects and links for 2011 include:

            -Our continued Believe to Become Neighborhood work

            -LINC Kentwood

            -Community LINC

            -LINC Development Center

            -LINC Entrepreneurial & Incubator Center? ( CJ Plaza)

            -LINC Financial Opportunity Center

            -Madison Square Co-Op Property Redevelopment

            -Creation of park and additional green space on Madison

We are excited to be working for you and are looking forward to LINCing up in 2011.

Darel & Jeremy