Real Estate Development

Place is powerful. From the neighborhoods where families set their roots to the storefronts where they create their economic independence, places provide tangible evidence of prosperity. Thriving, revitalized places are the cornerstones of a community’s pride. LINC reveals this pride by focusing on recovering places that people care about and re-imagining the potential of places to serve the community.

LINC's Real Estate Development efforts include:

Community driven design processes that lift the community voice into guiding the future development of their neighborhood. Past and future projects include Madison Square, Eastern Ave, Southtown Square and Kentwood.

Homes for Sale
LINC renovates homes for sale throughout Kent County and offers homebuyer assistance and homeownership classes.

Homes for Rent
LINC offers quality housing of choice throughout Kent County.

Commercial Space for sale and lease as part of our efforts to revitalize the economic base of communities.

*City, State and Federal partnerships fund rehabilitation and lead remediation efforts.

Construction Site